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23gsm Coffee filter paper

Model No.︰23gsm
Brand Name︰Royal
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰500 pc
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Product Description
1.Material: Wood pulp, Long Fiber
2.High air permeability
3.High dry and wet strength
 Coffee filter paper
Specifications of our coffee filter paper:
1.Perfect adaptation of the coffee filter paper is the guarantee of the quality.
2.High wet and dry strength ensuring the safety when the coffee pods under high heat and pressure.
3.Excellent processing on fully automatic packaging machines at high converting speeds.
4.High permeability. It enables the rapid release of coffee aroma , color and flavor while retaining particles within the pod.
Width of our coffee filter paper:
Normal size: 50mm, 65mm,70mm etc.. can be according to clients's requirements.  
Basis weight of our coffee filter paper:
Coffee powder capacity for bags:
One bag can serving 3-7 grams, it can also pack 20 grams coffee powder.
Size of coffee pods:
 Pods are typically 44-45mm size for E.S.E. certified machines
Easy for using:
Easy to use, time saving, clean, respect for the environment. Easy compatibility between machines and servings, freedom of choice between different brands and servings on the market.
Payment Terms︰TT
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