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DPB-250I Big honey pill,Irregular shapes Blister Packing Machine

Model No.︰DPB-250I
Brand Name︰ROYAL
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

Instruction and features:

This product is a new packing machine designed by our company; it has reached domestic leading level. It is suitable for capsule, tablet, big honey pill, candy, liquid, paste, syringe as well as irregular shape Al-plastic, paper-plastic composite and Al-Al sealing packing in pharmacy, healthcare, food, cosmetics, medical equipment industry etc. This machine adopts micro-computer PLC, frequency converter, touch panel operation, high automation; it is an ideal blister packing equipment. The product passed the provincial science and technology appraisal.

Blister forming, hot-sealing, lot number printing, avulsion line impressing and cutting etc all adopt gear mandrel orientation, each can move freely in the mandrel when rotate the hand wheel, and it equipped with a staff gauge, easy to adjust and can be performed quickly and accurately.

Manipulator towing adopted culms double pendulum device and increased traction adjustable range (it can get to as long as 180mm), which can fit for blister packing of different sizes. All the movement of heating, forming, upper and lower net veins pressing, air cylinder pressing, feeding, lot number printing and cutting can be done very simple, automatically and accurately.

Positive pressure forming matched with mechanical punch ensures well blister forming, and can be collocate with special automatic feeder to fit for certain packing such as ampoule, vial, syringe, big honey pill, medical appliance or other special shapes.

Main transmission part adopts parallel axis and bevel wheel speed reducer. Forming, heat-sealing and impressing moulds adopt bolt orientating which leads to precise orientation, easy to change moulds and material saving.

Detachable design makes the machine easy to be carried and installed according to user’s requirement.


Eye marking sealing device with sensor trace can be added for option.

Plexiglas Cover can be added for option.

Main technical parameters:
Cutting Frequency (Times/min)
Production Capacity(pcs/h)
Max. Forming Areas And Depth (mm)
240*150*26 (standard 240*150*14)
Travel Range (mm)
40-160 (Can be lengthened to 180mm as user's requirements)
Standard Plate (mm)
80*57 (Can be manufactured as user's requirements)
Air Pressure (Mpa)
Air Supply
Total Power
380V/220V 50Hz   6.2kw
Main Motor Power (kw)
PVC Sheet (mm)
PTP Aluminum Foil (mm)
Dialysis Paper (mm)
Mould Cooling
Tap Water Or Circulating Water
Overall Dimensions (mm)
3000*730*1600 (L*W*H)
Weight (kg)
Payment Terms︰TT
Product Image

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