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DPB-250R AL-Plastic-Al Blister Packing Machine

Publish Date 2009-11-25
Instruction and features:

It is a kind of high-tech quality product which is designed and produced on the basis of the comparison with the same type machines by our technicians. After packaging, it can seal with form PVC and also it can be sealing and avoiding light. It can enhance the product grade. This machine can be used in three functions including aluminum-plastic-aluminum, aluminum-aluminum, and aluminum-plastic. It is an ideal multiple-purpose equipment.
1、 The machine collection machine, electricity, light, gas as in corporate, have PLC program control, frequency converter, man-machine interface operation result in that every engineer location of transmission of the machine is procedure.
2、 It can check on-line and eliminate the waste plate by itself. It will according to customer demand adopting photography detector that can modify of the 10% different pharmaceutical sample of the shape and delete it automatically.
3、 Using photoelectric indexing device makes to be clear and pleasing to print pictures and texts.
4、 It is convenient to be entering the purification workshop already fitted up smoothly for the user.

Note: It can optional Plexiglas Cover.

Main technical parameters:
Cutting speed (times/min) Al-plastic-Al 6-25
Al-Al 6-25
Al-plastic 6-30
Productive Production Capacity (ten thousand/h) Al-plastic-Al 4-10
Al-Al 4-10
Al-plastic 4-20
Ranges of adjustable stroke(mm) 40-160
Max forming area & depth of PVC(mm) 230×150×26
Max forming area & depth of heating aluminum (mm) 230×150×14
Forming power (UP) of PVC (Kw) 1.5
Forming power (DOWN) of PVC (Kw) 1.5
Al-plastic heat sealing power (Kw) 1.5
Forming Al-plastic heat sealing power(Kw) 1.5
Main motor power(Kw) 2.2

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